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The Mad who are ?

Absolutely no offence intended here fellas, if your face appears on here it is not that you are forgotten, it's just a case of the old geezer (Stevo) administering the site has a memory like an onion bag and/or you may be a face from before his time, so as soon as a name is put to a face it will be moved to the "FRIENDS" page.

Faces will not be moved until the ID is certain.


Because these images are scanned it means that quite often they will be more blurred that the original also we are restricted as to the size of the "blow up" when you click on one so I may transfer group pics over to the 54 G10 Store site where I can make them a bit bigger. If I haven't moved a photo over to the other site and you want me to just let me know by email or the comments board below.

Don't forget that this is "our site" not mine so within limits I will do what you want with it.


54 G 10 STORE