G Block



As most of you will have noticed the picture above is the actual "G" Block in all her glory.

I wil have to check but I think we should thank Colin Amstrong? for the photo.


If this site works in the way I hope it does we should be able to update info and contact details on a regular basis. If it doesn't I'll change it to one that does.


When it comes to contact info I suggest that we keep it to a minimum for security purposes. Don't fancy "Al-Qaeda" turning up to one of our piss ups it would be like being on the piss with a 1000 "Cha wallas"

Seriously though contact details can be what you like but Name, (inc. nickname), Troop, Dates and email should do it I would have thought. If you think anything else should be there let me know at stevo@54singapore.co.uk any time.


With regard to contacts and such matters I am of the hope that some of us will have an idea as to where some others may be, so if we each try and find as many as we can we might finish up with quite a few of the old crew.

There are bound to be some that prefer not to be found and that privacy must be respected also we have to be prepared for the fact that sadly some will no longer be with us. I have to be honest and say that at after all this time the memory is a getting a bit on the dodgy side so it will great if old photos can be circulated with names attached.


This entire concept is the result of a number of us (9 at present) getting together for a "drink and lies" session in Birmingham 29/10/2010 and my view is that we will get a few beers down and decide that we ought to do it again sometime and to be honest it gets complicated enough with just a few of us, if the numbers do grow then I think it will be easier to organise things through this website. Once again let me know what you think. (Politely please)





Welcome to our site

This site is dedicated for the use of ex Sappers from 54 Sqn Singapore. It started out being for the use of ex 54 FARELF lads but we are getting contacts now from ex 54's  through the years and as we are a bunch of old pushovers we welcome anyone who served in 54 at any time. Piss-ups (sorry RE-unions) will be happening so keep your eyes on the site.  You can join or not it's up to you. (you won't be on OC's orders).

If you want join but have your details kept private no problem, just say when you join.

 You are welcome!

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For those interested there is now a CHAT ROOM in the MEMBERS section

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When trying to join there could be up to a few hours before acceptance is received, it depends if I'm working or not, everything is available except the Members section.

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