G Block

"G" Block heads - 40yrs

Left to right from top :-

Stevo Stevenson, Scouse Yeomans, Chalky White, Dave Cookson, Arthur Hawley, Scouse Kirk, Mac Chapman, Steve McIlroy, Not sure, Barry Templeman, Pete Webb, Keith Tullett,

Tomo Tomlinson, Trev Clough, Swede Eales, Tony Smith, Pete Scotland

These pics are scanned from old photos so are very small to start with as a result when you try and expand them they become very blurred so you may find them more recognisable as they are. If you have any, I would like to copy them and put them in, so if you don't mind sending me any old 54 pics you've got I will scan them,  include them and send them back to you straight away. Please send whatever you have.

Also, if you are sending me old pics include a newish one of yourself and I can put it on the other page.            I have started a comparison page old and new side by side (Now & then) on the other website. Frightening!!


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