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Please use the comments board on the side here to enter the names anyone you remember from your 54 days that is not already on our list. If you also recall the troop they were in and add a year they were about it would help. e.g. Pete Stevenson MT 68. The surname is the main thing but add fore names or nick names where you can .

The idea is to rebuild (as best we can after all these years) a sort of Sqn roll call. It really doesn't matter what era the names are  from it just may be that any one of us might know the whereabouts of someone on the list or as names start to fade in the grey matter we may get a spark from somewhere. When it comes to contact it always has to be considered that some might not want to be found and that has to be respected.

Send the names and let's see what we get!

If you see anything inaccurate please send the correction via the " comment " board below.

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